AKTIV Sports Socks

April 20, 2018

Aktiv Banner SliderIntroducing the new line of AKTIV Sports socks designed for you to live an active lifestyle outside of the office. The new Proppy AKTIV Sports line features a sweat-wicking weave and added cushion in areas where you need it the most.

  • Recommended for basketball, running, and high impact sports.
  • Available in (4) Classic Stripes Colorways and (2) Bikes Design Colorways at Php 399 per pair.
    Classic Grey 3

Behind The Seams

The idea to release a line of Sports Socks was born of several customers wearing their regular Proppy Mid-Calf and Proppy Ankle Socks to the gym and cycling sessions. While our regular Proppy Socks are well-made, it does not provide ample cushioning for most high-impact sports.

On top of the extra cushioning, the new line of Proppy AKTIV Sports Socks doesn’t use as much cotton for a sturdier, sweat-wicking weave.

Care Instructions

Soak in water with detergent solution and hang to dry. Hand washing with light pressure is recommended, but socks will continue to retain its form even when machine washed.

Please note that the Classic Stripes in Maroon has a higher tendency to bleed- do not mix with light colours.

Classic Stripes