Meet the Proppy Man: Migs Santillan

May 9, 2018

Our first encounter with Santi was a few years ago when he was a guest deejay at an event where we also had a booth. He bought 3 pairs of socks from us and continues to wear some of them to his events to date!


1) Tell us about yourself. What do you do? What’s a normal day like for you?

My whole name is Jose Miguel Antonio V. Santillan. Super long no? You can just call me Migs or Santi. I’m a DJ for Magic 89.9, and I go on air every Friday and Sunday from 6-9pm. I’m also a club DJ, so you can find me at your favorite bars and clubs all around the metro. Now, a normal day for me starts at like noon, where I do office and programming work at Magic. Fixing songs, schedules, and whatnot for everything that goes on-Air. After I get off, I usually go home and either jog or hit the gym, or if there’s a gig, I head home to shower then do my evening thang.

(2) What do you enjoy most about your work?

The music. I love working with music, and discovering new music while on the job. Hearing from listeners/fans as well; having people reach out from all over the world via Twitter and Facebook is something I also enjoy while on board. And, for the club side, seeing people dance to your mixes and music; there’s a certain kind of energy and dynamic you find there which you don’t get everyday. Something in the flow and the environment just invigorates you there. 

(3) What do you wear to work?

I usually wear a casual T-shirt, jeans, and comfy shoes for my job at Magic or at the club, but I go full on suit and tie for wedding and debut gigs. For all occasions though, I go for my favorite pairs of socks; my Proppy socks! 4 years and counting for my favorite pair.

(4) What’s your travel agenda for the year?

Oh wow, where do I start. Well, I’ve already found myself in Siem Reap last January, and for the summer months, I’ve got El Nido and Boracay lined up. June has Taipei, and November has Japan. I plan on heading up north to Hokkaido while I’m there too, just to take some snowy photographs, or catch some hues of orange in the trees. All of these should come with vlogs on YouTube as well. 


(5) What advice can you share for others who are juggling multiple bookings/careers?

From all these years juggling multiple jobs in one industry, my biggest advice is don’t let yourself burn out. No matter how hard you work, give yourself some time too. Take a vacation when you need to, decline some bookings if you need to, and don’t forget to also enjoy yourself while doing your work; have fun and keep your soul satisfied. There’s nothing honestly worse than waking up one day, and not wanting to work in the job you love so much. If you feel that you’re about to hit a wall, take some time off for and get inspired again. Fly off to a distant land, have dinner with some close friends, make some time for your family; bottom line is to do whatever it takes to make you happy inside out. Don’t let work be your life; let it make your dream life come true. Enjoy what you do, and enjoy what else life has to offer. 


Connect with Santi through his FB and IG @migs_santi