Message from the Proppy Team

April 6, 2015


We at Proppy are very proud of our socks. We take pride in the quality and designs of our products and are constantly looking for ways to improve without drastically sacrificing the price. We are committed to looking for newer materials that will prove to be more durable and fit seamlessly to our customers’ feet even after many wears. Also, our design team is constantly on the lookout for fresh designs to suit every Proppy Man and Woman’s taste. We are in the process of launching our summer collection, which is perfect for a country that is summer year round. Watch out for a sneak peek into the collection on our blog.

Customer relationship is also something we value and listen to. We want to make the experience of purchasing our products even more convenient. So we listened and starting today, you can now order your favorite socks from our website by using our check out cart. This means that we can start accepting orders from all over the world and spread the Proppy socks love outside of the Philippines.

As always, we would love to hear from you and see what you are up to. Don’t forget to tag us on your social media pages or drop as an e-mail or a message.

For more information and visuals of our socks, check out our Instagram account @proppyph as well as our Facebook page Who knows, you may even find your photos there.