NEW Seamless No Shows

April 30, 2018

Minimalist living made easy with the new Proppy Flora collection! Featuring a new, extra-luxe weave that’s thinner and stretchier for a luxurious, no-socks feel. Added mid-way garter and back-heel cushionioned stretch ensure these No Shows don’t fall off when walking even without a gel.

The new collection comes in (4) Flora and (2) Maple Leaf designs that can be worn with casual sneakers and even more formal leather loafers for that hipster wedding look.


Behind the Seams

The new seamless weave is designed to be enjoyed with more formal leather shoes. It is thinner, so it fits better; and features a lower squarer cut closer to the toes so it won’t be visible when worn.


During testing, the new seamless Proppy No Shows also work well with regular sneakers for light walking activities. It did not fall off even without the gel backing. No Show Flora 009