Proppy Kids – A Father and Son Shoot With TY and Tyrese

November 23, 2015

We at Proppy promised you, our friends of the brand, that we would not stop with just high socks. We listened to feedback from you and took into consideration all of your suggestions and requests. Last month, we introduced our first few pairs of ankle socks. Although they are part of a 4 sock box set, we can assure you that there are more coming in the very near future. Today, We are proud to share with you our collection of kids socks. Proppy was designed to be worn with the proper gentleman in mind. A vast majority of our clients also happen to be fathers. Hence, we selected a handful of our most wearable and popular designs and have made them available in kids sizes.

proppy kids set
Proppy Kids Collection

To help us with our campaign materials, we looked to an old friend and Proppyman Tyrone Tang, and his first born, Tyrese. Here is a behind the scenes look at an organic, intimate, and special bond shared by a father and his son.

Small Dot Blue Kids
TY and Tyrese in matching small dots socks.

What made this shoot fun was the organic nature of the shoot. There wasn’t any real need for directing these two. Everything just came naturally. Tyrese was really happy to see all the socks. He was even happier when he saw that daddy was going to wear the same socks he did. A natural with the camera in front of him, little Ty had no problem striking poses to the delight of the Proppy team. Whether it was his superhero face (think the Incredible Hulk’s mean mugging and Superman’s serious face) or wacky smile, anything he did captured what it truly meant being a kid. Kids will be happy and grumpy, serious and funny, naughty and nice and everything in between.

Anchors Navy
TY and Tyrese in our Navy Anchors

But perhaps the most rewarding part of the shoot was witnessing the bond that was shared between TY and Ty. You could tell that Ty adored his father when he flashed that contagious smile every time he saw that they were both wearing the same socks, dressing up in similar outfits, lying down on the grass together, and being thrown up in the air by TY.

Anchors Black
TY and Ty in our Black Anchors

Equally satisfying was seeing TY gamely posing with his son. You would think that a man with a long list of accomplishments would be a little bit reserved in doing shoots like this. We asked him how we could repay him for giving us the privilege to have him and Tyrese as the faces of our kids socks campaign. He answered, “There is no need, I had fun in this shoot. It gave me a chance to bond with my son and my family. I truly enjoyed this.” And that, in essence, is what this is all about. The bond between father and son that no one can take away.

Ty in his Desert socks

Proppy Kids socks is now available online at and our kiosk at UP Town Center and Greenbelt 5.

Special thanks to Giza Tang and Titus Tang.