Proppy Sole: Looking Into the Collection of John Gobenghuy Jr

June 27, 2015


You don’t get to see a sneakerhead’s full shoe collection very often – but when you do, you remember it. You remember it not because of the sheer quantity of shoes in the collection or because it includes the most expensive shoes in the market, but because of the purity and the thought process gone through while selecting the shoes that would become part of the collection. Proppy was given an inside look at the collection of a businessman, a father, a friend , a brother, Mr. John Gobenghuy Jr, the most under the radar sneaker collector I know. He also happens to be in love with our socks, making this blog post something I was looking forward to for a long time. John’s sneaker collection is different from your average collector because it has a common theme: collaborations. More specifically, collaborations of runners done by the most recognizable brands today. I sat down with John and asked him about his sneaker choices, what got him into collecting, and why he loves Proppy.


Proppy: How many sneakers do you currently own? What started your sneaker addiction? What was the first shoe that got you hooked?

 John: I currently own more pairs than my fingers and toes combined can count. My sneaker collection started when I thought of what pair of shoes is best paired with a certain outfit, then I realized that my shoes were too boring and thus, began my search for a certain pair of shoe.

The shoe that started it all for me was the Ronnie Fieg x Asics GT-II Brazil

P: That is a nice shoe to start off with. What are your favorite brands to collect and why? I see a lot of Asics everywhere.

J: My favorite brands to collect are Asics because they have so many good collaborations and colorways that appeal to me. I’m also into the Diadora N9000 because of the premium quality of materials they use on their shoes (pig skin suede and soft soft premium leather) and comfort.  I also have a lot of New Balance. I especially like the Concepts releases, again because of the materials they use on their shoes. Saucony has also become a common part of my rotation. They are just easy to wear. Currently, Reebok has been coming out with a lot of very nice collaborations. I know you also like the ventilators so we’ll have little arguments there.




P: Yes! I’m glad a lot of people are sleeping on those Reebok releases. Maybe the most bang for the buck collabs today. Now on to the real question and the reason I am here: How did you find out about Proppy? What is it about the brand that caught your eye?

J: What caught my attention were the variety of colors of the socks and the quality and feel of the product. Like my sneakers, I look at the quality of the product first and foremost. Comfort also plays a big part on how I select my footwear so your socks has that covered. Also, they match well with my shoes.

P: To be honest, a lot of our colorways were inspired by sneaker colors. Being a sneaker lover myself, I try to see what trends are out there and what colors  people are wearing so I can design the socks to match those colors. Speaking of style, what was your fashion style before Proppy? Did you already match socks with your shoes and sneakers? Or just paired them with plain dress socks?

J: Before Proppy, I usually just wore those ankle socks and no-show socks. And they were all either black or white. I liked the preppy socks of some brands but thought they were too overpriced. The cheaper ones felt flimsy and too thin.

P: What are your go to shoes and go to socks?

J: Well, as you can see form my collection, Asics is head and shoulders on top of everything else. As far as socks pairings go, post the photos!



This is merely a fraction of John’s shoe and sock collection. Aside from dozens of sneakers not seen here, this Proppy Man also has an exquisite collection of oxfords and brogues that fit perfectly with our socks. So be nice. Maybe he’ll give us another peek inside the shoe vault for part 2. #WeAreProppy