Proppy x American Eagle

August 7, 2017

Proppy PH launches new designs every few months, so socks have to be photographed for in-store and online marketing materials. Of the few Philippine-made shoe brands in the market, we chose to work with American Eagle Shoes simply because they have wingtips and oxfords that come in a wide range of colours and materials (leather and suede). This is ideal for Proppy mid calf socks which go best with dressier shoes (but still look good with casual sneakers!).

We loved the shoes we used for the shoot so much that we worked on an X-deal. 10 lucky followers won GCs from both brands, and soon we’ll be giving away a set of brand new leather shoes + Proppy Socks. Yes, FREE SHOES AND SOCKS. See photos of shoes + socks pairings and follow us on Instagram for future contests!!



Charlie Brown In Store
Charlie Brown goes well with just about any shade of black and brown.

Coco Pink In Store IMG_8915 fixed IMG_8930 IMG_8960 IMG_8991 Proppy Eden In Store 2 Proppy Fish In Store Proppy Hot Air Balloon In Store Proppy Marina In Store Proppy Panda Grey In Store