The Manila Fashion Festival x Proppy Socks

November 12, 2015

Every once in a while, the stars will align and allow you the opportunity to work with people who have the same passion as you for what they are doing. You get the opportunity to work with talented artists and pick apart their minds and see what inspires them to do what they do and what keeps them going to perfect their craft. So when we at Proppy got the call to work with three of the Philippines most talented up and coming (although I would say that they are already there) designers, we jumped on the opportunity immediately.



Minimalist, modern and classy. Banggo’s design aesthetic translated into beautiful patterns while using thick lines and classic shapes and colors. All of these translated to four of the most vivid socks Proppy has made. Red, white and black for the mid-calf socks and yellow, white and black for the no-show socks. Combining classic colors with modern design patterns, Banggo was able to make one of the most visibly appealing sock collections. Whether you’re in street clothes or feeling corporate, these designs will go just fine with your wardrobe.


“You have to believe in yourself and make sure that what you’re doing is your passion. Be patient and if you love what you do, you will just enjoy it.” – Banggo Niu



Veejay Floresca is known to make some of the nicest bridal gowns in the industry. That’s why when we found out we were going to be working with him, we were pretty sure his designs would be more reserved and elegant, similar to that of his gowns. Lo and behold, we were wrong. And we’re glad we were. Veejay put out some of the most fun designs the team has seen in a while. Fish patterns, hearts, dice dots and sailor stripes, different combinations that add up to one box if fun. These socks are for those who want to stand out, for those who dare, and for those who are not afraid to be seen.





“Be true, be you.” Here at Proppy, we encourage solidarity between all things unique. Whether it’s black or white, all things different can come together and form something special. The socks that Anthony designed represent something much greater than yarns and threads. It represents the coming together of different colors, and being able to blend in together and forming something beautiful. And no matter how different these colors may be individually, they fit in just right together.


Proppy Designer Socks are available through our website at and through our Greenbelt 5 and UP Town Center kiosks. Get them now while stocks last.